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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 4, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> police responded to great shooting in hercules. and her >> a nine year-old girl was shot when she answered her front door. >> and after she entered the door, one shot was fired she was injured. subsequently, nine, 10 additional shots were fired at the residence. >> this served as a
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reminder, and the front door was collected as evidence and replaced with a piece of plywood. >> we believe that this resident was targeted. there been other instances involving that resident. police are collecting that information. at this point it is part of the investigation. >> and nabors were too nervous to speak to the reporters and the family was too frightened that >> jeff pierce. >> and the sexual assault of a woman near a caltran station issue was a outside of the buick station, and reggie kumar says of the one to seek greater security. >> some female caltrain commuters say that they're not shocked about what happened to hear this
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station on the duke avenue because it is poorly lit with no security guard. and i showed this sketch that police believe he 28 year- old woman wa insulted. >> and i'm not that surprised because it was inevitable that this was going to happen at some point or another. this is so deserted. you could scream for help. has allowed at best possible. >> and if i'm going anyplace? at night? and one not use the mii would use the millbrae instead. >> why? >> millbrae is wide open, and will let. >> and what would help? >> and a in an emergency call blocbox >> this is not farewell let.
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>> the hispanic male, 18- 20, 5, 3 in., and a great party and blue jeans and the suspect grabbed the woman after touching her. he punched her and the face several times. >> the victim managed to fight off the attacker but before he left he stole cash and went towards east grand ave. he was last seen on airport boulevard. and san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> and with your holiday lights through san francisco presidio heights on this saturday evening. when cloudy skies over the bay tonight and some showers into the east bay. the stormtracker 4 is showing them, concord, fearful of, antioch. you can see the green on your screen. and antioch, fairfield, those
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showers are just near the east of town moving to the north. this wet weather will be departing about the next hour. we have seen cloudy as an occasional showers and that is going to be the team for tonight and into tomorrow morning -- theme and a stronger specifpacific system with heavy rainfall for tomorrow. stronger pacific system, with gusting winds possibly approaching the 45 mph and a high wind advisory and even the chance for a few thunderstorms. it looks like a pretty busy day for tomorrow. by the time this wraps up on monday morning, perhaps one-half inch, three-quarters of an inch. the bay. hire in the north bay. it appears that it is going to be pretty wet with higher-grade levels in the north bay.
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>> and to vote on the dream act, with a undocumented illegal aliens instant citizenship for students that have graduated from an area high school. >> to urge congress to vote in favor of the dream act. and it can have an impact on so many people here. and it is a very important bill. >> steven lee is in san francisco and nursing student getting ready to get supported to peru. feinstein intervened. still, not sure if he is an acoustic, go, and also visual arts director if he is able to stay, though. steven lee. >> and this is the annual
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small works show at oaklandon school for the arts hosted by raw gallery we have sixth great, through 12th grade, and we have a middle school, high school, and we have a mix of altered types of students. and we will limit these works to 2 ft. in each direction with a lot of different prints and when we make a sale typically, 60 percent goes right back to the student. >> this is my first time having an art show. >> it is nice to have our work up. >> it is political to people to see that my artwork they know that--it is really cool for people to see my artwork. >> and it makes you feel special. >> open the city arts was founded in 2000 jerry brown.
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oakland city arts. and the holiday spirit is alive and well. and with christmas tree, and even pony rides, and this is a great backdrop for the san francisco fires torrey give away. >> still ahead, the president comes to afghanistan, and unemployment jobs is up and also seasonal jobs. tax cuts, giant tickets on sale, and video games excess reese will help councils and to a new age of gaming. accessories--videogames
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>> president barack obama is back after why the trip to afghanistan. >> at the airfield, president barack obama surprised american
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serviceman >> and you are protecting your company, your country-- and your assets. >> and on half of all america, we are here to say thank you. the unannounced visit is the second for president obama as commander in chief. president obama was scheduled to meet with the president of afghanistan but a dust storm prevented him from traveling to kabul , he met with wounded. >> this is a difficult fight items came from a medical unit and focus all of our war warriors, and some of purple hearts. >> and the timing wiz the timing with the diplomatic wikileaks white spread-with widespread.
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>> and we look forward to a new face next year without the transition towards afghanistan responsibility. as we do, we continue to forge a partnership with the afghanistan government with a partnership. >> also, the war in afghanistan it is due. and as he is it said an additional 30,000 troops to this country. >> and you tube, a new way to get high it is illegal and can be even found in your kitchen. what you can prevent your team. >> and a few showers. otherwise, a dry night and more rain fall for tomorrow. i will have the forecast, coming up. coming up. times the national average!! arn three
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>> a wrecking paroball--and jeff bush will show us the destruction in the crowds
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watching it all go down. commit was a sight to see, this a giant crane with a wrecking ball going on the main ramp of the outdated terminal. this is the third in the four stages of the demolition. >> and watching this iconic building go down in rubble. and as this goes several tons of wheat into debt structure. and then he will switch the technique and started a vertical attack. >> every single bed cream comes up, 30-40 ft.. and it is a smashing down into the concrete. with 100 ft. a way i can feel it here on the sidewalk. >> for several hours, the operator chipped away at this ramp and they stood near the impact area spring water to keep the dust low. the sound of the motor was a low crumble as the ramp that used to be driven by
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hundreds of buses a day slowly submitted to the force of the machine. the demolition is continued or a new transport terminals will be in this spot. and san francisco, jeff bush. >> and what this will look like construction will continue until 2017. $4.2 billion project will be the northern end of the california high speed rail system also serve as the bus terminal for a 11 bay area transit systems. nearly 48,000 jobs are expected to be created during the construction. >> and the restaurant owner has been cleared after shooting a pair, with one of three beers, bill hunter was in his restaurant when a bear broke in, and yelled at it, and it did not work. and after he charged him, he
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fired towards the bear. and bill hunter is now installing electric bear fence. the restaurant has been in business for 78 years. >> and in this saturday night, cloudy skies are around the bay and a few showers to the east bay. for the most part, dry. 50s, 55 degrees, for the most part. berkeley, 55 degrees, walnut creek is at 52 degrees. the stormtracker 4 is showing a few showers through fear felt into the east. and these are moving to the north. through antioch, and brentwood. and even towards solano county and bird landing and in the high country some snow in the sierra. the blue is representative of the snow, and the green is the rain. and with a lot of slick wet roads. and here is the view
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at kingsville and for tomorrow, we are going to see a mixture of rain/snow. a day and eventually dropping to the amount of five dozen feet. and tomorrow, we will see snowfall at 6,000 ft.. and then, essentially dropping to 5,000 ft.. chilly temperatures to more about your next storm system will be arriving around 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. and notice the rainfall approaching the coast. it moves off the shore by 5:00 p.m., and the heaviest rainfall will be in the yellow indicative of moderate/heavy. and it is not out of the question that we could see a thunderstorm. as this passes through. still steady through 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night, and an on/off. through monday morning, scattered shower
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activity. i think all of this weather will be finished on noon on monday. temperatures for tomorrow will be relatively mild and this system is coming out of the southwest. bringing us warmer temperatures on like the flypast couple of storms that is become part of the northwest. and recent storms having come of of the north which wishe >> and what we can see is with 50s, 60s by 4:00 p.m. and with your kron 4 7 day around the bay it is going to be a pretty active week. monday, showers and will see a dry day on tuesday. with low mid '60s and the other weather baker on thursday with the chance of rainfall. and also, weather-greeter, on thursday, and even precipitation continuing court friday and saturday. vicki liviakis gabriel slate's tech report >> televisions are a common item on the holiday gift list. i want to show you what is hot, right now. first, check cut this deal i
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found. perhaps i will get this 32 in. vizio is $298, with no tax, free shipping it is on amazon right now that is a great deal. led is a new flat panel television they are if little bit more than plausible but they're more energy-efficient, aslathey aren'tthin anthe l e d televisie known because they are thin, and more expensive and plasma. >> 3-d television is still high, and content is low. and to google television, and it works well and you can get one at $600-$1300.
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it is a regular lcd television with the internet built and. it will give you the web, and it is easy to use. almost anything you could do, too, watched from the internet you can add to on the google television from our couch. the remote control is a keyboard and lastly, a cheaper way. this is a great gift you can great giftlogitcech converter into a google tv. and just a different, cheaper way of doing it. keep sleet. >> that cold weather has hit the bay area, and some schools to not have heat. and we will show you a few video game the goodies that will have any counsel into an entertainment system that is fun for the entire family.
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>> it is cold feet. and
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with stanley roberts, and it is cold-and the bay area. >> and is your room warm? >> and it is pretty freezing with a small heater was given to me. >> from the california social studies at oakland tech high. and with portable heaters. >> and it helps my hand. and this past and gone on for as long as i've been teaching in this room. >> the thermostat is turned all the way of but it is cooler than outside. and room a 3 and it has never had so much meeting at the oakland unified school district has cut back on maintenance. on over 100 schools, and out thanksgiving break the shut
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off the thermoses and have not come back on. >> this strategy/philosophy to save money did not work in the context of what our system current situation is. >> and the school district a slight risk calculations note 60 schools are without heat. students are in the clash last-- >> and the school district has been lax when it comes to maintenance. >> it was a good plan on paper. >> and according to some students this school district is backwards because there's too much heat in the summer and not enough when they need it like now. and i asked the oakland unified school district of adding them to my list of people behaving badly. >> unemployment is up across the nation but it is not all that out seasonal unemployment is back up after several it down years.
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>> the latest employment, and more taxes and said those numbers of- unemployment. >> what economists, expected to hear a healthy one 50,000 new jobs in november added. and with the labor department ordered and anemic total. and instead of a healthy 150,000, unemployment has over 9 percent for 19 consecutive months. longer than any other time in american history last month the jobless history was 9.8%. the average jobless american
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has been out of work for the amount of 34 weeks. >> despite a rise, the seasonal jobs is also on the rise. in december, there were difficult to come by last year. and this year, a hiring spree and a look at the turn around with maggie. >> every time a customer is with the door, inside and, >> and the first weeks on the job with retail. >> and i thought that this probably without going to be until after the holidays because i was assuming that stores were going to be staffed. and i was making more towards 2011. >> and the offer of seasonal work began to come in. >> i was offered a few positions and i was surprised because previously it was difficult. >> what a difference at one
9:32 pm
a year makes in u.s. retail. stores nationwide will add 600,000 temp workers this year. up 20%. >> and one of them is toys r us is hired 45,000 seasonal workers across the country. and even hiring 65,000 of macy's. and hoping that many of these will turn into full time positions. to help with the shipping, ups is adding 60,000 workers. and. consulting it says the change and it is striking. >> last year, was wait and see. this year, and a lot of our clients got a head start on staffing. at least three, four weeks earlier. the amount is even double, triple. >> how would you compare that to normal " times. are we back to what we would
9:33 pm
expect for a holiday season or is a lawyer? or " not as bad " corinth lowe-or lower. >> and it is looking a lot better than last year is a whole different world. >> one downside is that competition remains fierce. ups, applications are up 40%. >> and with people experience, and this store manager, he is encouraged by these times. >> and based on my resonate being posted i'm not looking but i'm happy but if this job market is where it is. and more activity with hiring. >> and with extadding extra staff will help at the checkout counter. >> and the annual santa pub
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crawl at 12:3:00 p.m. today and this annual drives thousands of people and today, they did not have to do with rain fall. and no rain, for the rain-reindeer [laughter] pemmican with earlier reactivity. and a lot of-earlier rainfall activity. and here, the stormtracker 4, coupled with showers to the east bay. and it is the east of the 680. and heavier to the south. livermore. that blew it is indicative of heavier rainfall. and downtown livermore, just a few minutes. a view of the bay bridge and this evening, at sunset, just a little bit of the sun rays of sunshine.
9:35 pm
otherwise, a pretty cloudy day and night, with passing showers. very light activity with instrumented rainfall here, there. and mostly cloudy skies with intermittent-rainfall--. and the showers will progress as a progresses. and with gusting winds and even the chance of thunderstorms all of this is expected to wrap up monday morning. with up to 1 in. in the north bay, and one half-three-quarters in the bay area. and even more rainfall coming up in the seven day forecast coming up next. >> giants fans are getting ready for the first pitch. on friday, some 2011 tickets went on sale and jeff bush tells us:there will be on sale at were to get them.
9:36 pm
>> a limited number of tickets will be on the sale to december 12th unless they sell them all. they're being sold at 33 selected home games in april, may, june and could only get from the giants website for the dugout stores in san francisco, daly city, palo alto, san jose. and they're taking the advantage of the momentum of winning the world series and also lost to offer a chance to get stocking stuffers for giants fans just in time for christmas. $7 = low were box. or, the bleachers. and lower box--and some of the bigger ones are against the dodgers, the braves, the 80s, and the rest of the tickets go on sale peppery theft. the 80s--the republicans say that they're going to be take a one so, february 5th. >> and all of the tax cuts the latest.
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>> and a synthetic drug is legal but could be dangerous. we will hear from a user coming up on kron 4 news. [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month.
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at&t. rethink possible.
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>> during a special saturday session, the bush era tax cuts for not extended. >> and with less than four weeks every american at all income levels the a tax increase. the senate coming in on a saturday did not get congress or the country any closer to resolving that issue. we're talking about bush. tax cuts that are expiring, and with two different faults both failed. and it was a republican filibuster, one was to extend tax cuts making less than 250 k. and also, 1 million or less and democrats say that it is not right in these times for the
9:41 pm
wealthiest to have lower taxes. they believe that the texas should go up for the wealthy and republicans say the opposite. now is not the time for anybody to see a tax increase, and especially some of the wealthiest. here are the debates. >> to give the tax break for the wealthiest is foolish, reckless. yet, that is the position of the republican party and the definition of their values. >> this debate is not about cutting taxes, this debate is weather or not we ought to increase taxes on anybody during a recession. and we feel you should not raise taxes on anybody during a recession. >> to be clear, that democrats came in on a saturday in the one that it would felt they wanted the senate to be on the record. and what happens is that negotiations will compromise/and that a summit president obama acknowledged
9:42 pm
when he spoke after this. >> we need to redouble our effort. in the next few days to give the american people, the mind that taxes will not go off on january 1st. and also compromise, and i'm confident we can get it done. >> and sources tell us that the likely compromise will extend all bush. tax cuts for the at least two years and was on result, water democrats going to get return for such a compromise? they've been meeting behind closed doors to meet on things that did not want to give lawn like extending unemployment benefits. and also tax credits that democrats have pushed the college tuition that is also expiring at the end of this year. and they hope that this will be resolved by early next week. and the a lot a household spies is used by and teens and what can be used to be a
9:43 pm
dangerous high. and if they try it once? they're rarely tried again. >> rainfall through livermore, and with light rainfall i will tell you where this is headed, coming up
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bramah eight novado schools will have kids >> 8 new novado school plea districts. are reopened, and in september, there were closed with several injuries. and parents of san ramon elementary are having their children are able to finally use this because the neighborhoods $1.8 million. >> vivid waiting a long time and but the rainy season i do not know how long they are going to be using them but there were tons of kids on the playground today and really excited to see that the open. >> the district say that all of these should be opened and completed by january
9:47 pm
5th. >> and with the holiday tree at presidio clouds overhead for tonight. showers in the east bay. not a lot of what weather. temperatures in the 50s for the most spot so a relatively mild evening. 56 through hayward, oakland, san jose, and daly city is at 53. the stormtracker 4 is showing a few showers to the east bay. just pushing through livermore is pushing to the north and should be to antioch, brent boyd around 10:00 p.m.-. waterfront and pand with spotti, through the bay area, and most of that is going to be the east of the bay. through this year, and another weather system that is offshore. to the pacific is a stronger system coming into our afternoon. whit steady grateful to mar and possible heavy weather with
9:48 pm
possible steady rainfall tomorrow with high wind advisory is along the coast. even chance for thunderstorms this is the futurecast. where we are dancing at noon tomorrow, dry conditions through that bay area, advancing. approaching the coast around 3:00 p.m. and it will likely start to increase from around 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. the orange color is showing heavier rainfall. and around 5:00 p.m., still steady rainfall continuing into the evening through 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and as it begins to taper off in the early evening around 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. still, shattered shower activity lingering towards saturday morning and sunday morning. and this system is
9:49 pm
coming in the to the southwest. and with mid- upper 40's. i eased tomorrow in the upper 50s, low 60s for most of san jose. 64 degrees. and 60 degrees in hayward, concord, 61 in antioch. and kron 4 7 day around the bay some lingering showers through monday morning. otherwise, mostly cloudy for monday. more sunshine on tuesday and it looks a lot better. with temperatures in the low mid- 60s and this next system will, and on wednesday with more, steady possible heavy rainfall. and if you wet days after that on thursday and friday. perhaps monday and tuesday will be the best day. >> of vicki liviakis >> an unexpected grocery store item. from snorting, smoking and eating not to mac. a large amounts, that and get you " high nutmeg
9:50 pm
test-it is dangerous and high amounts. >> they could get the homeless and chasten hallucinog, have never seen anybody tried it once to try it again. >> it that it is not illegal at the 40's the biggest concern is that it could use harsher products. and taking synthetic off the street right now it is legal but the dea using. and catherine heenan knows all about the dangers of synthetic marijuana. >> i was like a speaker kid and i said let us smoked some cop i was a skeeter speak board can- >> and he is an admitted using marijuana.
9:51 pm
>> and because i could not smoke marijuana. because he supported his family he told about this sub installed k k2 war, the funky monkey the benefits of smoking without a failing a drug test. >> it will keep you-like regular wheat but it is synthetic. >> this synthetic will give you a big applause. >> and i would say 30%-40% more. >> a big buzz. >> and in the highlight, things are not always what they seem. >> i could not drive call open my door or do anything! it was as if i had a force field around me. >> six years--six hours later, it is still least with five different cocktails of toxins.
9:52 pm
>> and that is what feels and causes the euphoria. these synthetics signal canada's receptors naturally and our brain. >> and it is a keyhole, a receptor in the brain, and the key makes a perfect keep in that key hole. on looking at risk is just not worth it. >> and i was reading people althe story on the internet and i thought that it was just stupid and kids not understand what it feels like to get high. and it is not good. it cannot do it. the a lot earlier, travis air force base and synthetic week. >> and new video technology, for old counsel the hottest accessories, devices coming up next on kron 4 use.kron 4 news
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for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. gabriel slate's tech report >> idea for gifts if the
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party have a gaming consul there are hot accessories that are hot on the list. >> for the wii, this is the you dara tablet. and what you can use can be mimicked on the television screen it is great for art. and just like when you move this a run you can controlled the controls on the screen. it is only $70. in the x box is the kinect and you do not need a remote control to use your body. with your legs, arms, the sensors pick up set your movement and transforms it into the to the screen, and it is a lot of fun! >> and this move is the sony's attempt for the wii
9:57 pm
this looks a strange, that of a glowing were on top but it works well. and when you add this to the police statio play station 3, p.s. 3, t has great motion control system and it comes with a skimmer that is right on top of your television. adding you to the game is a cool effect like a hollywood blue screen and even though you or holding that remote. and it looks like you open something else on the screen and it is superimposed to make sure that you are on the screen. $100 >> with all of those gadgets your going to want to stay inside. >> @ it is going to be raining. >> and with windshield wipers tomorrow? >> absolutely. it is going to be coming down. temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s with warm, wet weather coming up next week.
9:58 pm
>> is. >> that wraps it up for us and we will back in one hour, hope to see you then.
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